About Us

All God’s Children Childcare has several missions and consider ourselves multi-purpose. However, our greatest mission is to build strong bodies, great minds and compassionate hearts. It’s our mission to build trust and sustain a diverse and inclusive culture for all families. We decree to not only be a “success story”, but our responsibility is to help our children become successful. At All God’s Children Childcare we provide a faith-based program. By building self-esteem and self-worth, by giving and encouraging each child to create, explore, and learn through play and problem solving. Our mission is to provide a caring, safe, and secure environment where our children can grow into the unique individuals that will lead our world. We are committed to building the whole person.

Incorporating “Go Green” is another mission, teaching our children to be responsible citizens of the planet by showing how to care for the earth and our environment. 

Established in 2000. We are proud of our accomplishments. Our staff is trained and certified through the states of Maryland and South Carolina.


1357 Remount Rd. Ste. 6

N. Charleston, SC 29406

843 744-6869